Dalí and the Witch from Cadaqués

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  • Miquel Berga
  • Neil Stokes
  • Lluís Farré
  • 9788466133579
  • 8.00 €
  • Entre 6 i 8 anys
  • 48
  • 21.0 x 14.0
  • Rústica

Dalí and the Witch from Cadaqués és l’adaptació a l’anglès del llibre La bruixa de Cadaqués. Podeu escoltar a continuació la narració, o bé, descarregueu-vos-la d’aquí.

Dalí and the Witch from Cadaqués is the English adaptation of the catalan book La bruixa de Cadaqués. Push “play” to listen to the story, or download the narration from here.

Text narrated by Josh Widdows.

Have you ever heard of the great painter, Salvador Dalí, whose house was so crazy, it had big white eggs on the roof?

This is a story about the witch of Cadaqués, who kicked up a terrible gale whenever she appeared. Then, of course, the cats would run away to hide, the fishermen could not take their boats out, the old folk had to stay at home and the headmaster had to close the school.

One day, the cats, fed up with the witch, go to see the great Dalí, the painter with the pointy moustache, who has a wonderful idea for dealing with the wicked witch, once and for all.

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